Tank Runners

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What is Tank Runners?

The future, where the unwashed masses enjoy death and carnage on the TV. Shows like "Tank Runners" were created to satisfy their urges. Tank Runners pits regular people against a tank on a repurposed football field. The tank defends his flag, and the runners attempt to steal it. Both the runners and the tank are competing for a prize pot of $1,000,000 dollars. The tank driver earns money for each runner they kill, and the runners split the pot amongst the winning group.

You play the tank driver, now go forth and protect your flag, earn your money and most importantly entertain the fans!

Who is Heavy Robot?

We build things, web things. We are a highly skilled and down-to-earth web development shop specializing in the technologies and practices that help bring your projects to life.

And we also like to build things on our own for fun. We hope you enjoy the fruit of our labor! Find out more about us on our website.


  • Objectives
    • Kill all the runners
    • Stop runners from grabbing your flag
  • Rules
    • Runners will explode on your tank if they hit it, causing damage
    • The tank can push the flag around the field
  • Controls
    • The game uses both your mouse and keyboard for controlling the tank.
  • Mouse
    • Mouse pointer - for aiming the tank turret
    • Left click - to fire a shot
  • Keyboard
    • W or Up Arrow - Move up
    • S or Down Arrow - Move down
    • A or Left Arrow - Move left
    • D or Right Arrow - Move right
    • Plus (+) – Volume up
    • Minus (-) – Volume down
    • M – Mute/unmute volume